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Joey Buttafuoco - Celebrity Mug Shot

Joey Buttafuoco

Car mechanic Joey Buttafuoco had an affair with Amy Fisher, who was 16-years-old at the time. Fisher attempted to kill Joey's wife, Mary Joe Buttafuco, by shooting her in the head. The gunshot wounds left Mary Joe with permanent injuries, Fisher went to jail and Buttafuco served four months in jail for the statutory rape of Fisher.

After he left prison, he and Mary Joe separated, and Buttafuoco moved to Los Angeles to try to get into acting. He was able to get a few jobs but in 1995, he got into trouble when he hired a hooker who was an undercover agent and Buttafuoco was arrested and sent back to prison. When he got out, he opened a car repair shop and was busted for defrauding an insurance company. He was sent to prison for a year and had to give up his car repair license. Last heard Buttafuco was remarried and still living in Los Angeles.

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