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Hit Man Frank Calabrese Sr. Dies

By December 27, 2012

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A prolific mobster hit man, who strangled his victims and then cut their throats to make sure they were dead, has died in federal prison. Frank Calabrese Sr. died on Christmas Day at the Butner Federal Medical Center in North Carolina, according to prison officials.

Calabrese suffered from a variety of health problems, including an enlarged heart, but no cause of death was announced.

Calabrese was one of five members of the "Chicago Outfit" who was convicted in September 2007 in the Family Secrets trial, Chicago's sensational organized crime trial that helped to weaken the mob. All defendants were convicted of racketeering, not murder.

At Least 13 Victims

However, the jury ruled that Calabrese was responsible for 13 of the murders, dating back to the 1970s. These are the murders for which Calabrese was responsible, the jury said:

  • Michael 'Hambone' Albergo, August 1970
  • Paul Haggerty, June 24, 1976
  • Henry Consentino, March 1977
  • John Mendell, Jan. 16, 1978
  • Vincent Moretti and Donald Renno, January 1978
  • William and Charlotte Dauber, July 1980
  • William 'Butch' Petrocelli, December 1980
  • Michael Cagnoni, June 1981
  • Richard Ortiz, July 1983
  • John "Big John' Fecarotta, September, 1986

Calabrese's son, Frank Jr., helped put him behind bars by secretly taping him bragging about mob killings.

"I believe he was taken on Christmas Day for a reason," Frank Jr. told reporters. "I hope he made peace. I hope he's up above looking down on us. ... He's not suffering anymore. The people on the street aren't suffering anymore."

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January 2, 2013 at 1:43 pm
(1) roseyoungstewart says:

If no one goes to hell, why do parents and preachers of all denominations threaten us with hell? I believe if someone lived bad, did bad things to people, and was a useless person who never did a decent thing, then hell is where that person is . Even if one person loved him or her, and wish that he or she went to heaven and became an angel and now is bowling up there or fishing up there or singing in the rappers backround up there, the answer my friend is blowing in the wind.. No, It isn’t possible bad goes to bad good goes to good. You can’t be bad all your life then say oh i changed my mind since i’m gonna die soon then now i want to be good and go to heaven so i can see all my pals like tony one finger, and billy no butt,, and frankie the barrel stuffer and sonny the Sunday smuggler, and ace the acid maker and, . Carmine the candy maker who was really nutty, and his mother, sweet old Angelina who made spaghetti outta peoples….oh never mind but i know they’re all waiting for me.

January 2, 2013 at 6:13 pm
(2) Yrman says:

Good one! That’s funny…

January 8, 2013 at 5:30 pm
(3) JMan says:

God loves him to, just because he did bad things. And if he made his peace with God then he will go to heaven.

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