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No Parole for Mark David Chapman

By August 24, 2012

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A parole board in New York has once again denied parole for the killer of John Lennon. Mark David Chapman was denied release from the state Department of Corrections by a three-member parole panel again. It was the seventh time that he has been turned down.

Chapman has been incarcerated since shooting Lennon in December 1980.

In spite of Chapman's exemplary prison record and genuine show of remorse, the panel voted to deny his release due to the nature of his crime, calling it a callous disregard for the sanctity of human life, meaning that Chapman will probably never be released from custody.

Undermine Respect for the Law

In a written statement, the parole board said:

"The panel notes your prison record of good conduct, program achievements, educational accomplishments, positive presentation remorse, risk and needs assessment, letters of support, significant opposition to your release and all other statutory factors were considered."

"However, parole shall not be granted for good conduct and program completions alone. Therefore, despite your positive efforts while incarcerated, your release at this time would greatly undermine respect for the law and tend to trivialize the tragic loss of life which you caused as a result of this heinous, unprovoked, violent, cold and calculated crime."

Instant Notoriety

Chapman laid in wait outside Lennon's New York apartment building on Dec. 8, 1980 and fired five shots at the former member of The Beatles, hitting him four times as Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono returned home. He said in earlier statements that his motivation was to gain instant notoriety.

"I thought that by killing him I would acquire his fame," Chapman said in a 1992 interview.

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August 29, 2012 at 7:20 pm
(1) Thomas McKee says:

He got his wish.

September 11, 2012 at 4:23 pm
(2) fedem says:

now mark chapman, is not any different than you and me in december of 1980. here is a man in hawaii, with nothing to do, but by chance picks up a book about john lennon. he learns about him, and wants john to change his life. now hawaii, can get boring for a man, so reading about john was exciting. and even more exciting to leave hawaii, and try and get his autograph. john’s book was probably so exciting for mark to read, hawaii, was just scenery. you think mark was going to come out of a small island reading about john lennon, and not be interested in him. there was nothing to do in hawaii in the first place. john was the most interesting thing he ever thought of. so when john got shot by mark, someone reversed mark’s story around. mark was sarcastic about john while he was traveling, but he was being a comedian, because he was confident about meeting john. so someone reversed his story out after john was shot. i believe there are 2 overhead cameras that really reversed mark and john out at that time. remeber the dvd movies that you store in your drawers, how the skins of the people in the movies can rub you wrong. this storage drawer contains your movies, but will instantly electrocute you as soon as you walk into the room. well mark, got the same treatment when he got near john lennon’s apartment. he instantly got hurt. his book reading went down the drain. thats all for now. thank you

October 3, 2012 at 2:19 pm
(3) fedem seteehemeh says:

i hate to be specific, but i am getting no help from the siganals above my house. i am centered in longville,louisiana. i have overhead satellite programming that is shooting through my roof, with infrared shots. it hurts because they pass across my chest and in front of my heart everyday. also get shot from computer programming aimed at my joints, knees and elbows. but my protection comes from covering my right ankle. and also rubbing my feet. also i use a piece of masking tape to cover my chest and forehead. i move it around like a piece of armor.

i want to go back in time to mark david chapman. he wanted to visit john lennon in 1980. he read a book about him. mark was poor. john was rich. when mark got to new york, somthing happened. he was linked by satellite with a man a lot like mark, a blonde man. so mark was poor, john, was in an apartment. new york was richer than john. and i somehow am linked right here, richer than new york, because i was in a practice session in lake charles, louisiana. i had some electrical equipment, and i was singing. richer than me was a guy names curtis, who was in charge of the sattelite link. and over him was the surveillance equipment from england watching john. god watche’s us all. mark was poor in god’s eye, except when john was signing his album cover one afternoon. but when john came home one night, he could not get out of his car because of all our electronic signals on top of that car. so john and yoko were richer than mark, who was waiting for them. even when yoko and john got out of there car they didn’t even stop for mark, the surveillance signals, plus the rest of us, on top of them that night.

October 11, 2012 at 4:01 pm
(4) fedem says:

its funny, people don’t want to take responsibility for there own actions, and there own equipment. the rich want to blame the poor for there mistakes. they take there equipment and take chances, and blame the poor middle class, for there mistakes, because they want people to think ideas move equipment. but they actually move there equipment first, then try and make people move by there voice. one instance is where a guy from england, moves his surveillance cameras, satellite ones, to a person on the ground, then tells them to do somthing. and says to everyone now i have some support and can get things done, because i started it, and i am commanding it. but his signal travels first, and his voice travels second, so he uses equipment first then ideas second. and lastly he blames middle class for bad ideas, and the reason he messes up with his equipment. mark was underneath all of these principles in december of 1980. the court rooms of new york never came close to the real 2nd causes that caused the turmoil mark and john lennon went through that december night.

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