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Body in Creek Concerns Spierer Searchers

By July 5, 2011

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Volunteers searching for a 20-year-old Indiana University student are hoping that a body found in a creek in Indianapolis is unrelated to the Lauren Spierer case. An autopsy was needed to identify the badly decomposed female body found in Fall Creek northeast side of the state capitol.

Spierer has been missing since June 3 after a night of partying with friends in Bloomington.

UPDATE: The Marion County coroner's office reported that the body found in the Indianapolis creek did not match the dental records of Lauren Spierer.

The body was found by a child. It was lodged in debris in the water in Fall Creek. Indianapolis is about 50 miles north of Bloomington, the location of the university.

Badly Decomposed Body Found

Authorities said the body found in the creek was so badly decomposed that they could not determine race, age or size of the woman.

"The only thing we could determine is that it's female," said Kendale Adams, Indianapolis police public information officer. "Everybody wants the information, but I'll be honest with you, our investigators really don't know until we've had an opportunity to get the report from the Marion County coroner. Then, we can back trace what exactly happened."

Massive searches around Bloomington has turned up no trace of Spierer who is 4-11 and about 90 pounds.

On June 3, Spierer and David Rohn, who lives in the same off-campus apartment building, went to Jay Rosenbaum's home about a half mile away. She left Rosenbaum's with Corey Rossman to go to Kilroy's Sports Bar.

A Night of Partying

Leaving her shoes and cell phone in the bar, she left with Rossman and went to her apartment. The two then returned to Rossman's apartment where his roommate Mike Beth helped him get to bed. Spierer then returned to Rosenbaum's home.

Rosenbaum told investigators that he tried to get Spierer to sleep on his sofa but let her leave by herself when she showed him that she could walk without stumbling. Rosenbaum watched as she left and walked around the corner toward her apartment.

Media reports said Rosenbaum, the last person to see Spierer, has taken and passed a polygraph test and has been cooperative.

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September 19, 2011 at 3:06 am
(1) John Bastos says:

Who leaves their shoes and cellphone behind when leaving a bar? How drunk would she have to have been for that to happen?

I used to be more understanding of the anti-gun crew, but at this point, I think any young woman going out alone needs to be carrying a weapon in her purse or car. There are small, lightweight handgun safes that make this easy to do, and it’s a small hassle considering the fact that your life may hang in the balance!

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