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A senior captain of the Duke University lacrosse team, who says he is "absolutely innocent," was indicted by a grand jury on the same charges facing two other team members in connection with a stripper's allegations that she was raped March 13 at an off-campus team party.

David Evans, of Bethesda, Maryland who graduated from the university Sunday, was indicted on charges of first-degree forcible rape, sexual offense and kidnapping. Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty, two other members of the team, were indicted on charges of rape, kidnapping and sexual assault.

A 27-year-old black student at North Carolina Central University told police she was raped and beaten by three white men after she and another woman performed at the team party as strippers.

The indictment of Evans comes three days after defense attorneys said new DNA test results showed no conclusive link to any of the team players and proved that the accuser had sex with her boyfriend, not any members of the team.

According to a transcript of the photo-lineup session with the accuser, she was only "90 percent sure" when she identified Evans, who lived at the house where the party was held.

DNA Tests Negative for Semen, Blood

ABC News is reporting that "The indictment came following a hallway confrontation today at the Durham County courthouse, in which District Attorney Mike Nifong laced into defense lawyer Kerry Sutton in an expletive-laden tirade where he complained angrily about last Friday's defense team news conference."

ABC's Law & Justice Unit also reported that the most recent DNA tests found no semen from the accuser's mouth or anal area, although it one transcript she claimed to be raped orally, vaginally and anally. There was also no blood found on any of the fake fingernails found in the house, ABC said.

Statement of David Evans

In a news conference before surrendering to authorities at the Durham courthouse, David Evans said that he is absolutely innocent of the charges, as are all members of the lacrosse team, and "these allegations are lies."

Evans said he has cooperated with the investigation since the beginning, helping police collect evidence because he knew it would show them that nothing happened that night. He said he has tried to contact the district attorney's office to provide exculpatory evidence and has been ignored.

He also said he asked his attorney to give him a polygraph test which he "passed absolutely." Evans said "I have done nothing wrong. I am telling the truth and I have been telling the truth from day one."

Evans said he looks forward to seeing the lies of the accuser unravel in the weeks to come.

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May 16, 2006 at 2:31 pm
(1) tobra says:

the Bible says it is a sad occurance when a man is made an offender on a word.

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