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The medical examiner who performed the autopsy of Laci Peterson told jurors she did not give birth nor had a Caesarean section, debunking one defense theory that the Peterson's child was born alive and then killed.

The doctor's testimony came during a day when jurors were exposed to gruesome photographs of the remains of Laci and Conner Peterson, causing some jurors to become visibly upset, observers said. Several jurors had to avert their eyes from the large-screen photos, as did the defendant in the murder trial, Scott Peterson.

Observers said the remains of Laci Peterson were "hardly recognizable as human." Her remains lacked a head, neck, forearms, feet and part of her left leg. Her bady was mostly skeletal.

"There were a lot of parts missing. The head, the neck, the forearms ... the lower leg," Dr. Brian Peterson, a forensic pathologist, told the jurors. "There was no brain to examine because there was no head. No heart or lungs to examine because the chest was empty. No liver or kidneys because the abdomen was empty."

Dr. Peterson said the only organ remaining for him to examine was the uterus. He told jurors the cervix was still closed tightly, indicating there was no indication of vaginal birth. He also said there was no incision near the pubic bone, indicating there was no Caesarean incision.

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